Frequently asked questions

We accept payments made via; cash, bank transfer, and credit/debit cards.

Every job is different. If you are looking for a quote, please give us a call or contact us via our website. We will happily discuss or even arrange to come out for a no-obligation site visit.

You can give us a call or use the ‘Get in Touch’ button to drop us an email with your information. We will be happy to provide you with a professional quote for free and book you in with a time frame that suits your needs.

Yes, Manderson Electrical Services are fujlly insured with public liabilty to a value of £5 million and public indemnity to a value of £250k.

We cover all Medway areas including: Rainham, Gillingham, and Chatham as well as wider areas of Kent. We will try and help any customer that needs our expertise  across the whole of Kent.

If a fuse is consistently blowing there will be a fault somewhere on that circuit. Do not try and put a bigger fuse wire into the fuse holder as this can lead to fires. Call a local electrician who will be able to locate the fault and fix it safely.

Yes, you will need to find a certified electrician  that is a member of the CPS scheme such as NAPIT. If the works need to be notified then the electrician will notify the works on your behalf to the local council. 

You will then receive a Part P certificate in the post and the electrician will also provide you with a test certificate once the job is complete.

An RCD is a Residual Current Device, that will save your life in an event of a fault. It detects fault currents that MCB’s and fuses will not detect. For example if you for whatever reason come into contact with a live cable  an RCD will trip in less than 40 milliseconds. 

I advise, if you don’t have one you should strongly consider having one installed and upgrade your current system.  In fact,  for any electrical additions or alterations  to meet latest regulationd an RCD will be required. 

Not all houses will require a full rewire. It may have been upgraded at some point. The first place  to look is the fuseboard. If it has pull-out fuses then this may be a sign of the electrical installation being dated.

It will be worth getting in contact  with  local electrician  to carry out a safety inspection.  This willl check the current electrical installation via visual and electrical tests.  A professional judgement can then be made on the state of the electrical install.

Yes, all materials and workmanship are guarenteed for 12 months from day of completion providing the materials are provided by MES.